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Staying Positive During a Pandemic
Barry Thompson
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Staying Positive During a Pandemic

It's not easy but it can be done

In these unprecedented times it's very easy to be sucked down into the vortex of darkness that lurks within the human mind. When we are threatened with bodily harm or death there is a primal survival instinct, as ancient as the human species itself, that kicks in whether we realize it or not. Witness the irrational hoarding of toilet paper in the United States as a clear example of the mass psychosis brought on by life-altering events.

As each of us wakes up this morning, we must all choose a path for that day.  Will we reach the end of the day having not come into contact with a person infected with COVID-19?  What if I need to go to the grocery store and there are infected people shopping?  They say a person can be infected for up to a week without even knowing they have the disease and this is how it's spreading so quickly.  So what am I supposed to do to protect myself and my family when I can't even buy a damned roll of toilet paper down at the local store?

Taking a step back from all of this to consider how fortunate I am is one way to at least keep the dark clouds that permeate my mind at bay.  I am fortunate to have a job that is in very high demand right now.  I run the I.T. department for a 400-employee group of small businesses focused on HVAC and energy efficiency.   This pandemic has put a significant strain on I.T. resources both from a technological capacity standpoint and from an I.T. staffing standpoint.  My network engineers are extremely busy supporting remote connections to our corporate VPN but my desktop support technicians are kind of dead in the water because there are no people working here in the office to support other than 1 manager from each segment of the company just to keep our doors open.  

But these are all good problems to have because the owner of our company is a man of deep integrity who will keep us all getting paychecks for as long as he possibly can.  If I were in a different industry, I may not be so fortunate.

So for those who are struggling with all of this all I can tell you is better days are ahead and you just have to hold on to what you have and hope for the best possible outcome.


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