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Edwina Project


The opioid crisis does not discriminate.  It affects people from all walks of life, from all social strata, of all education levels and of all races, creeds, religions and beliefs.  In as little as three days, anyone (including readers of this page) can become addicted to opioid pain medication.  Once you are hooked, getting off opiates is a miserable, painful, soul-crushing experience that many are unable to make it through without help.  

The Edwina Martin House in Brockton, MA (USA) is a substance abuse rehabilitation and recovery program for women and their infant/toddler children.  These are women who have been suffering in addiction but have reached out for help.  

We want to help!  And we're asking you to help too!  With that in mind, we are very excited to announce that the income generated from sales of this album will all be going to The Edwina Martin House.  That's worth repeating in big letters:


We are donating 100% of the income generated by sales of this album to benefit the Edwina Martin House.

Details on how you can help will be coming very soon!

About the Edwina Martin House

Our Focus

At the Edwina Martin House, women learn who they can be without the alcohol and other drug addictions that have defined their lives, distanced them from their friends and families, and hindered their education and employment. Since 1982, more than 4,000 women, ages 20 to 70, have begun to recover and find new opportunities for growth. 

Helping New Mothers Cope

One of the state’s first recovery homes, designed specifically for women, Edwina Martin House offers services to 21 women and can accommodate up to 4 infants at a time. The House is located in the Brockton area, but welcomes women from throughout the state, from detoxification units and short term rehab centers. 

Dignity and Responsibility

Linkages with local health services enable pregnant and post-partum  women the opportunity to begin recovery and motherhood simultaneously, with  better health outcomes for both mother and child. By treating each woman with dignity while stressing personal responsibility, Edwina Martin House offers all  our recovery mothers, daughters and sisters a chance for a new beginning.  

Want more information?

If you would like to learn more about the Edwina Martin House please visit http://www.emhouse.org