Monday, May 20, 2019
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A note to our fans from Barry Thompson, founder and primary songwriter of The ANABASIS.....

In the age of unrelenting spam and useless solicitations about Cialis and Viagra via email, why should you risk giving yet another web site your email address?  Well, the fact is, The ANABASIS has a very strict privacy policy.  To put it simply, we will not, under any circumstances of any kind, give your email address to anyone.  Period.  As an I.T. Department Manager for a fortune 500 company, I know all too well what happens when your email address finds its way to just one or two spammer's lists.  The deluge of crap begins, and it just gets worse and worse with each passing day, as spammer after spammer pass your information around in an effort to bulk up their lists as much as possible.  The bigger a list of email addresses, the more it is worth in the world of spam.

Well, we're not going to be a part of this annoying and frustrating game that spammers play with your information.  Simply put, we will treat every email address that is added to our mailing list as if it were someone from our own family!  When you sign up for our mailing list, you can rest assured that your email address will NOT spread to other lists and the minute you decide you want out, you can simply opt out of our system and your address will be completely and permanently purged from our system.