The Edwina Project

A Pioneer In Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

Brockton resident Edwina L. Martin was a long-time volunteer and activist  for local alcohol and drug programs. She ran an information and referral center  and provided personal assistance and advocacy for the sick and suffering. Her  years of effort culminated in the establishment in 1982 of the women’s recovery  house which bears her name - The Edwina Martin House. Catholic Charities of Boston operated the House before turning it over to the non-profit EMH Recovery, Inc. in 2004.  Read more about the Edwina Martin House on their web site located here:

Who are The ANABASIS?

We are a group of musicians who have a shared love for the style of music originally pioneered by such luminaries as King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Rush. We're also very fond of the more modern progressive rock bands like Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings, Dream Theater and the mighty Spock's Beard, from which the keyboardist on our first album, Ryo Okumoto, was borrowed. We are a 100% studio project, which is a dying breed in today's mass-media, instant-gratification world of music. Our goal is to make what we refer to as "Music That Matters" in that our music is generally uplifting and our lyrics tend to be plugged in to the collective social conscience of our fans and members.