Monday, May 20, 2019
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Christopher James Harrison (Lead Guitar)

Christopher James Harrison

(Lead Guitar)

Christopher James Harrison is a multi-instrumentalist from the south east of England. His first love has always been the guitar, and he often cites Brian May as the guitarist that made him first sit up and listen. Growing up with his father's record collection he quickly discovered The Beatles and Pink Floyd, and from there a love of music has driven him ever since.

While studying for a degree in music composition, Christopher started gigging with the official Iron Maiden tribute band Hi-On Maiden with whom he still plays to this day. In recent years he has collaborated with a number of artists and is currently engaged in a variety of musical endeavors ranging from straight-ahead pop/rock, folk-tinged acoustic music and progressive rock.

An avid listener of many styles of music, you're just as likely to find Christopher ensconced in a Bartók string quartet as you are to find him growling along to Opeth or enjoying some minimalism. Chances are, he'll be playing Tetris and/or drinking red wine at the same time.