Monday, May 20, 2019
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George Andrade (Lyrics/Arrangements/Executive Producer)

George Andrade

(Lyrics/Arrangements/Executive Producer)

George is a professional writer who is currently working on his latest novel "AIRS."  He is also writing lyrics to the album "AIRS" (based upon the novel ideas and concepts) with music by writer, producer and multi-instrumental musician Steve Brockmann of Germany. George's interests include his family and friends, reading and writing fiction, writing lyrics, writing screenplays and studying film structure and grammar.

He also enjoys the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, the sculpture of Rodin, the poetry of Rilke and the paintings of Cezanne ... right now. And the only two sports that matter: hockey and football.  George's favorite music is PROGRESSIVE ROCK!  George has researched and written the mojority of the lyrics for "Back From Being Gone" and he also assisted greatly with the arrangements of the monster epic "Egypt."