Monday, May 20, 2019
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Gordon Tittsworth (Lead and Backing Vocals)

Gordon Tittsworth

(Lead and Backing Vocals)

Gordon is the founder of the Baltimore,MD/ York, PA-USA based Progressive Metal band, IMAGES OF EDEN as well as the vocalist for the Guatemala-based Power Metal/Hardcore band, DREAD THE FORSAKEN (MySpace) & DREAD THE FORSAKEN (Official), and the Houston, TX-based Progressive Metal band, ALL TOO HUMAN (MySpace).

Gordon has been into music all of his life...even before becoming a musician. By age 5, he was already listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss and many other classic rock bands regularly. He picked up his first guitar at age 13 and practiced for no less than 3 hours a night. In college he decided to take formal vocal lessons because he didn't want to restrict himself to being just a guitarist. This diversity prompted him to learn how to play the other instruments that comprised a rock band (drums, bass guitar, keyboards). Little did he know that this would later come in handy!

Gordon had been in and out of bands over the years but never really found anyone who was at the same level of experience or shared my same musical dream and direction. He always had his own distinct vision with plans on one day bringing it to life but he always seemed to run into obstacles along the way... He had dealt with non-motivated band members and/or "dictators", inexperienced musicians, and conflicts with the other writers in various bands.

Finally, after negatively parting ways in 1998 with a band called Out Of Nowhere, Gordon was at his limit with dealing with incompetence so he decided that it was time to bring his vision to life without having it diluted or compromised. In September 1999, he went into the studio with a session drummer to record the debut IMAGES OF EDEN CD (CHAPTER I). His goal was to fully produce a CD with his own original material playing all of the instruments himself (except drums) as well as design the artwork. The final product would then be used to carefully select musicians to complete the full-time lineup. This was the birth of his band "IMAGES OF EDEN" and only the beginning...

Now IMAGES OF EDEN are about to release their 3rd CD, "REBUILDING THE RUINS". For more info, as well as clips from their 2nd CD "SUNLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT" (available on Nightmare Records), check out their website,

Also, check out this video of the track "Tribal Scars"